Getting Started with Bureau

This page will help you get started with Bureauid. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!


Bureau Platform provides a set of APIs for businesses to learn more about their users and help in identifying fraudulent and risky users.

Today, businesses face a choice of either adding too much friction - which is an inconvenience to good actors or having too little friction, thereby letting potentially-bad actors through the cracks and leading to fraudulent behaviour.

Bureau Overwatch Platform provides a real-time API based service that can provide:

  • A deeper view of the user through persona-based intelligence
  • Determine riskiness or accuracy scores for data provided by users
  • Request specific signals that help your data science teams improve fraud detection and user personalization.
  • Device fingerprinting and device-based risk signals
  • KYC capabilities and beyond in one API suite

API Authentication:

For Authentication, we will be using Basic Authentication. A header will be attached to each API request to authenticate the user making the API request. The value of the header is generated by
base64(CredentialID:CredentialSecret). The key of the header is Authorization

Authorization: Basic 2122ojojoasdioasidjaoi