Device Intelligence Integration

Device Intelligence helps you understand your user's unique hardware with their device data. It efficiently syncs the data in the background, processes them, and uses the processed data to generate a fingerprint ID

This API will be used to obtain the insights of the session that you have created from the front end or the SDK. The session ID will be the unique identifier to fetch the insights.

Each Session ID is a unique value. The set of responses against a session ID will always be the same.

This API remains the same across iOS, Android and Web (Desktop).

Insight Response Description

GPS Location(city, country, latitude, longitude, region)GPS Based location of the user, the user's consent is required to be taken to get these details.
Network Information - ISP NameThe name of the internet service provider for e.g. Atria Convergence Technologies
IP TypeHOME / OFFICE - OFFICE for Commercial uses like cloud or AWS
IP Location(city, country, latitude, longitude, region)IP-based location of the user.
IPThe IP address of the user.
isCrawlerFlag to indicate if the IP being used by the user is associated with a crawler.
isProxyFlag to indicate if the IP being used by the user is a proxy.
isTorFlag to indicate if the IP being used by the user is of a Tor network.
threatLevelThe threat level associated with the IP. Possible values can be ["low", "medium", "high", "very_high"]
fingerprintA hash is generated for the device, this identifier will be unique for the device.
fingerprintConfidenceScoreThe confidence score of the fingerprint generation mechanism
firstSeenDaysThe number of days from which the device is identified on the Bureau's network.
osThe operating system - MAC or Android or Windows
userIdThe user ID that was sent as part of the request body.
totalUniqueUserIdTotal number of unique users associated with the fingerprint
sessionIdThe session identifier, that was used to invoke the SDK.
createdAtThe time at which the request was made.
TrueUserAgentThe actual user agent behind the browser
adBlockerDetectedFlag to indicate if the user's has enabled adblocker
incognitoDetectedFlag to indicate if the user's is working in incognito
userAgentSpoofFlag to indicate if the users have spoofed user agent to avoid being detected via automation or to anonymize themselves
botDetectionScoreBot detection score between 0-100
anonymisationAttemptedFlag to indicate if the user is trying something to avoid being detected via automation or to anonymize themselves
anonymisationAttemptedReasonsThe array of strings indicates the methods by which users are trying to avoid being detected.
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