HTTPS Status Codes

Check Status Codes to handle codes received from Bureau, build your business logic and take remedial action at your end.

  • Map and analyse top failure reasons
    • Identify the source of failure.
    • Narrow down and understand if cause of the failure. Can be due to customer action or external factors
    • Identify the exact reason of the failure
    • Handle actionable error codes
    • Avoid possible integration errors
    • Display valid responses to your customers
Status CodeMessageDescription
200SuccessThe request is successful.
400BAD_REQUESTThe request contains invalid parameters or invalid data
401UNAUTHORISED_ACCESSThe request contains invalid parameters/values used for authorisation.
403MERCHANT_CREDITS_EXPIREDMerchants credentials used for API request is expired.
422NO_RECORD_FOUNDNo record found for the requested parameter/value.
443MAX_RETRIES_EXCEEDEDNo. of retries for the particular customer and api has been exceeded.
500INTERNAL_SERVER_ERRORThe server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.
503INTERNAL_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLEThe server is not ready to handle the request.