API Reference Guide

API Reference Guide

This API document highlights the steps using which Businesses can integrate Prism's solution. Prism's APIs are completely RESTful and all our responses are returned in JSON.

Product Suite

Mix and match products from Bureau suite to identify/verify users.

API Gateway URL

Test Mode : https://api.overwatch.stg.bureau.id/
Live Mode : https://api.overwatch.bureau.id/


Please reach out to our sales team for credentials.

All our API's are authenticated via an API key and secret, they have to be base64 encoded and sent in the header with the parameter name as Authorization.

Eg: Authorization : Basic ZTIxxxxmNA==

To use the credentials in postman refer the below steps

  1. Click on the Authorization tab in postman and select the Auth type as Basic Auth.
  1. In the field Username enter your API key or the client ID and for the password enter the secret shared by our team.

Postman Collection

The postman collection of the API's can be found here.