Fraud Detection Product Guide

Bureau's fraud prevention solution is powered by the proprietary Device Intelligence tools, Device Fingerprinting Techniques & Behavioural Biometrics. Our comprehensive solution offers frictionless fraud fighting capability passively via the three different components helping prevent new age digital frauds.

Device Intelligence & Fingerprinting

Device intelligence is the use of data and technology to collect information about electronic devices. The software and hardware information can be used to identify, categorise, and analyse the devices' characteristics and attributes for purposes such as fraud prevention, security, authentication, and user experience enhancement.

Fingerprinting excels at precise device identification through digital fingerprints, and it's equally adept at spotting sophisticated fraud indicators like emulators, bots, cloned applications, tampered applications, etc. Our solution brings unmatched fraud-fighting precision and an accurate view of trustworthy devices without hampering the online consumer experience.

Learn more on Bureau's Device Intelligence SDK Integration here

Behavioural Biometrics

Behavioural biometrics analyses the unique behavioural patterns of individuals to identify unusual behaviour that deviates from normal patterns, providing a more accurate and comprehensive analysis of user behaviour.

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