Learn how you can use Bureau’s no-code workflow builder to streamline identity and fraud verification.

Streamline Identity Verification and Fraud Prevention with Bureau Workflow. Our user-friendly, no-code interface empowers you to build custom verification flows with ease. Run multiple verification steps simultaneously and automate decisions (such as auto-approval, blocking, or flagging users) – all with the granular control and streamlined execution you need. Effortlessly onboard customers from multiple countries, stay compliant with global regulations, and expand your reach to new markets using Bureau Workflows.

An example of a workflow consisting of different capabilities

An example of a workflow consisting of different capabilities.

How It Works

You can create and integrate a workflow in your application in 5 steps.

  1. Create a workflow: Create a workflow and define its purpose (account opening, login, etc.)
  2. Add capabilities and define inputs: Add the required capabilities and define how the workflow should accept inputs for these capabilities.
  3. Define end conditions: Define the accept, reject, and manual review conditions for the workflow.
  4. Test the workflow: Test the workflow from the Dashboard or using Postman.
  5. Integrate it in your application: Integrate the workflow cURL in your application. The request cURL is available on the Dashboard.

What’s Next