Global Document Verification SDK

This SDK shall enable end-developers to incorporate a document capture and identity verification flow, utilising OCR capabilities to extract information from identity documents and perform verification.

As part of this SDK flow, you can integrate Bureau's Global Document Verification SDK in your application and capture the official Identity Document.

Minimum Requirements

  • minSdkVersion 21
  • Android X

Getting Started

Add the following lines in your root build.gradle file:

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { 
          url "" 

The following lines can be added in the module level build.gradle file:

android {
    compileOptions {
       sourceCompatibility = 1.8
       targetCompatibility = 1.8
dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.Bureau-Inc:gloal-doc-verification:0.0.1'


Initializing the SDK

The following steps can be taken to initialise the the SDK and consume the response returned from the SDK.

val verifierOptions = VerifierOptions.Builder().setRetryEnabled(false).setEnv(

 val bureauClient = BureauClientProvider.getClient(findViewById<EditText>(,this,verifierOptions)
            bureauClient.verifyDoc(object : ScannedDataCallback{
                override fun onResult(scannedData: DocVerificationResponse) {


  1. credentialID is a mandatory field and should not be passed as empty
  2. The referenceId from the callback should be recorded and stored in the DB on your end
  3. The SDK never requests permission but will give a callback if it was not handled by the primary application
  4. The SDK accepts an optional param known as verifierOptions that user can input custom config to which the SDK behaves accordingly


  1. setRetryEnabled will allow the sdk to show a retry screen in case the doc capture fails or the captured doc is faulty
  2. setEnv allows sdk to switch Sanbox or Production environment
  3. setCountryCode allows sdk to bind to a specific country. It is mandatory to give one value if you choose to hide country selection screen. Similarly it will be overridden if user chooses a country in the country selection screen
  4. setDoctype allows sdk to bind to a specific doc type. It is mandatory to give one value if you choose to hide card selection screen. Similarly it will be overridden if user chooses a card in the card selection screen
  5. setShowCardSelectionScreen and setShowCountrySelectionScreen indicates the sdk to hide or show card or country selection screen respectively