Aadhaar Verification - oKYC

Learn how to protect your business from fraud and misuse by using Bureau's Aadhaar Offline Know Your Customer (oKYC) APIs.

Use Bureau’s Aadhaar oKYC APIs to verify your customers’ identities on your platform. By leveraging data from the UIDAI database, these APIs provide accurate information, facilitating informed decision-making during user onboarding.

Our Aadhaar oKYC APIs simplify identity verification, eliminating the need for customers to visit your office, verification centers, or upload scanned copies of their Aadhaar cards.

How it Works

Follow the below steps to verify a customer's identity using our Aadhaar oKYC APIs:

  1. Generate captcha: Initiate a session by calling our Generate Captcha API. The API returns a session id and a captcha (base 64 format). Save the session id in your backend and display the captcha returned to you on your platform. Ask customers to verify themselves using this captcha.
  2. Generate OTP: Send us the captcha entered by the customer and their Aadhaar number in the Generate OTP API. If the captcha sent to us is correct, we generate an OTP and send it to the mobile number linked to the Aadhaar number.
  3. Download Aadhaar XML: Send us the OTP entered by your customer in the Download Aadhaar XML API. If the OTP sent to us is correct, we fetch and return the Aadhaar details and XML file to you.