Aadhaar Digilocker Initiate

The API initiates a fetch and retrieve operation of details from the Digital Locker or a DigiLocker.

This service allows you to access the identity documents of an Indian citizen through their Digilocker wallet. This is a consent driven flow which we provide through our partner licence.

You will be able to fetch the following documents in JSON and file format -

  1. Aadhar
    1. XML
  2. Driving Licence
    1. XML
    2. PDF
  3. PAN
    1. XML
    2. PDF
  4. We will be adding the functionality to obtain the list of issued documents soon.

There are two types of issued documents (we don't provide any APIs to access uploaded documents as they may not be authentic) -

  1. Documents available with just access consent
    1. Aadhaar
  2. Documents available with access consent and document parameters
    1. PAN
      1. Name
      2. PAN Number
    2. Driving licence
      1. Driving licence number
    3. Vehicle Registration Certificate
      1. RC Number
      2. Chassis Number

Wherever, a document needs additional parameters, we expect those as inputs in the initiate API call.

The flow of information is as follows -

You will have to integrate with 2 endpoints and 1 Webhook (optional) only. You will be notified of the following steps in the flow -

  1. User dropped off in the consent granting flow
  2. User denied consent
  3. User granted consent
  4. Documents are available

In general we have noticed that users take up to 45 second on average to complete consent granting flow. If you are using the web hook, please the web hook URL with your SPOC for us to whitelist it and configure in our backend.

SessionID is ideally meant to be unique for every Digilocker session i.e. if User A tries to access their digilocker twice, we expect you to provide two different session IDs. Session ID will be necessary to map to subsequent API calls.

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