Email Intelligence

Bureau's Email Intelligence API enables you to verify the authenticity of an email address. Pass the email address you want to verify in the request. Bureau checks the authenticity of the API and returns the status of the email (exists or does not exist), the date the email was created and last verified, the age of the email, the domain and subcategory to which the email is linked, and if it is a personal or corporate email.


Merchant Configuration Required

This API supports two modes:

  • Enhanced Coverage: Here, the API response is returned to you only after we finish evaluating all indicators in response. It might take longer for you to receive the response.
  • Enhanced Speed: Here, we return the API response to you as quickly as possible. You will receive the quicker, however, you might not receive an evaluation against all indicators in the response.

You will have to configure the mode at an account level before you can use the API. Contact our Support Team to configure the mode.

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