An overview of the merchant's user activity

This segments gives an overview to the merchant about its customers by providing with User data as well as the Individual Device data.

EntityIt is the nomenclature used for the user/business of the merchant
entity_idIt is a unique ID number generated when an entity does his first transaction. All the subsequent transactions are stored under the same entity_id


The following segment gives an overview of the users of the workflows with unique entity_id's. Data can be exported, and individual cases can be expanded to get a better overview of their user and session data.


The following segment deep dives into the device usage and gives them a risk profile.

It provides a risk attributes to a device from the following

  1. Mock GPS
  2. Emulator
  3. Rooted
  4. VPN
  5. Tampered
  6. Cloned
  7. Debug mode
  8. Crawler
  9. Proxy
  10. Tor

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