Identity Verification Product Guide

The Identity Verification product line by Bureau is an identity verification system that ensures the authenticity of a customer's identity by verifying it against multiple data sources, utilising advanced algorithms and checks.

Designed to meet your needs

Bureau’s Identity Verification product is designed to provide

  • Efficient customer onboarding by validating genuine identities
  • Reduction in the Turn-Around Time (TAT) of customer acquisition with an optimised Pass Rate, streamlining the user authentication process

Key Features

Optical Character Recognition

Advanced OCR technology capable of recognizing 500+ document types from 100+ countries.

Document Classification

Algorithmically recognizes and verifies the type of provided document


Validates the identity using government-approved methods and checks the authenticity of submitted documents.

Liveness Checks

Leverages an algorithm with iBeta level 1 certification, adaptable to merchant-specific needs.

Primary Use Cases

Document Verification

Bureau’s Document Verification utilizes computer vision to detect counterfeit documents and OCR technology to extract data from official documents for authentication. Integration is available via both API and SDK.

Click here for a list of supported documents:

Database Verification

Parses input data against AML, Global Sanctions lists, and PEP databases. For government checks, Bureau Identity Verification compares the identity data of a document against respective government databases for validation.


Deploys passive liveness and face similarity checks against photos on identity documents. Outputs are presented as liveness or similarity scores (0-100). Our SDK also detects accessories and asks users to remove items such as glasses, hats, and masks.
Certification: iBeta Level 1.

Compliance & Risk

The AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and Global Sanctions capability within Bureau's platform offers a comprehensive set of features and functionalities to ensure compliance and security. With this capability, you can:

  • Monitor and ensure AML compliance by checking if a user has been flagged for AML sanctions.
  • Verify if a user is listed in Global Watchlists, including PEP (Politically Exposed Persons), OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control), and Adverse Media lists.
  • Detect and prevent money laundering and other fraudulent account activities, covering various financial crimes and terror financing concerns.
  • Access a wide-ranging database of approximately 2000 global watchlists for thorough screening.
  • Our platform's features also include localized options for enhanced flexibility, such as
    • Aadhar e-sign
    • Financial checks, including the verification of VPA (Virtual Payment Address) and bank account details.