The combined lists helps to store the Allowed and the Blocked Entities.

Allow Lists and Block Lists allow you to import custom lists from your records. These lists can be used to automatically accept or reject certain users or transactions based on the input parameters

Adding Lists

  1. Click on the Create List option;
  2. Chose the type of the list, Blocklist/Allowlist
  3. Add the List Name and Chose from the various available attributes
  1. To enter the values, you can use two methods
    1. Manual : To add the chosen attribute type manually
  1. Bulk Upload: To upload a .csv file

Deleting Lists

Deleting a list is pretty simple, right click on the list you want to delete and chose Delete

Editing Lists

  1. To edit the list, right lick on the list and chose Edit.
  2. This will open a prompt to change the List Name and the Attribute Name .
  3. Click on Save to save the change.

What’s Next