What is a Workflow?

Bureau’s Platform allows you to orchestrate identity and fraud Capabilities into custom Workflows to auto-approve, block, or flag users for further checks via our no-code interface.

Structure of a Workflow

An example of a workflow consisting of different capabilities

An example of a workflow consisting of different capabilities

Key Components

The workflow has three key components namely;


All the orchestrated services that Bureau offers are available as Capabilities. These sources provide information against a set of input parameters. Each Capability takes in the same set of parameters that are required for an API execution, and the response can be used to build conditional logic.

Logical Conditions

Bureau’s Workflows accept logical conditions that evaluate based on the responses from one or more Capabilities. You may use these conditions to influence the End States of the Workflow or the execution path of the Workflow itself.

Following example shows the **and** & **or** conditions for Aadhar

Following example shows the and & or conditions for Aadhar

End State

The End State is the final state for the Workflow execution you have built. Each execution can be categorised into Accept, Reject, or Manual Review states

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